We stay cool!

Our aim is to find solutions for all tasks entrusted to us.

We assume the handling, quality control and packing of fresh meat in boxes – equalized or with considered weight - incl. shock-freezing. 


Freezing of meat in plastic boxes with covers, packing, unpacking, re-packing and labelling, as well as the exchange of pallets (for example, from wood to plastic) are additional tasks which we are happy to undertake. The export processing is naturally included.

Shock frosting of goods, whether hanging or packaged, in boxes, cases or bags, is no problem for our shock-freezing capacity of up to 200 tons per day. Also, our plate freezers have a capacity of around 35 tons per day.   

We are a meat processing facility which has mastered the tasks and requirements of the fresh food sector. We offer many years of experience in the field of subsequent refrigerated storage. 

The increasing, temperature-controlled part of the flow of goods throughout the entire food sector – in particular in the low-temperature range under -18°C - is handled by us with the utmost care. We guarantee the highest quality products and maintenance of the smoothly functioning cold chain. 

We committed ourselves to our slogan several years ago.  We still stand by this!