We stay cool!

Our aim is to find solutions for all tasks entrusted to us.

As a high-performance partner, we offer you the following services: 

  • Quality control incl. processing of  the products with subsequent packaging
  • 63,500 m³ of storage capacity down to -30°C = 16,250 Euro-pallet places of which: 
  • 3,850 places in movable racking
  • 9,200 places in drive-in racking
  • 8 shock freezers, each with capacity of 25 tons in 24 hours, of which 4 with tubular tracks 
  • 10 plate freezers with capacity of approx. 35 tons in 24 hours. 
  • Cold stores in the range of 0°C, also for hanging goods. 
  • 10 closed loading ramps 
  • 3,500 m² cooled logistics area
  • Thawing room
  • Picking warehouse
  • Production and office rental

Situated directly on the A1 and therefore easily accessible!