We stay cool!

Our aim is to find solutions for all tasks entrusted to us.

Our hygiene concept for the packing and processing area ensures smooth operational processes with impeccable hygiene. This highly sensitive foodstuff-handling area can compulsorily only be entered by the staff through hygiene air-locks and contains one automatic and two manual packaging production lines. This enables precise traceability of the incoming batches.  

Portions of, for instance, 10 kg are automatically assembled and packed in boxes. By this process, the packing accuracy and quality control is optimized. The box volume can also be individually utilized and the box marked accordingly.  

The goods are then deep-frozen in the shock rooms and subsequently stored at a temperature of -22° C or less.  

Impeccable hygiene, precise traceability, controlled packing accuracy and the highest quality standards – this is what SFB stands for.